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Frequently Asked Questions



Are Behaviour Brain Research applications software free?

All of our applications software are free. You are free to use it in any way you want.

The warranty

Each computer program (application) is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. If there is a program code with the application, it is mostly related to the GNU Lesser General Public License. You can freely use it on commercial or non-commercial websites or projects.

Are Behaviour Brain Research applications virus, worms and trojans free?

Yes they are. All our applications are malware free. Malware (malicious software) is the collective term for all kinds of programs with harmful functions. Malware is characterised by concealed functions which can trigger uncontrollable damage within IT systems or in data stocks through deletion, overwriting or manipulation. The category malware includes viruses, Trojans (incl. logic bombs) or worms. Our applications don't collect and spy any private informations from your computer.

Are Behaviour Brain Research applications 100% bug free?

No, they aren't.  We can't quaranty 100% bug free applications. You use our applications at your own risk like other free or freeware software.  All our applications are carefully tested. The risk that our applications can be harmfull for your computer or operating system is brought to a statistically negligible (minimum) level.

Software prerequisites I need for Web-based applications (for example WM4,WM5,..WM12)?

Usually only any web browser with ECMAScript 5 support. See browser list: here.

Software prerequisites I need for Windows desktop applications?

Mostly you need only OS WINDOWS. If it is a desktop application that uses a database, you usually need: Microsoft Access or Microsoft Jet Database Engine. Only for some applications (WM2, WM3) you need MS .NET Framework.

Where can I download Microsoft JET 4.0 database engine?

JET usually comes along with the Windows operating system. If you have installed Microsoft Access, you have a Microsoft JET database engine on the computer.

Are Behaviour Brain Research applications psychological tests?

No, they aren't.

Do you have customer support for Behaviour Brain Research applications?

No, there isn't customer support for Behaviour Brain Research applications. Unfortunately we are not able to provide customer service assistance. Free applications usually haven't customer support. If you have any questions that are not covered in the help files or on our website, you can contact us.

When I open the help file, nothing happens or empty content is displayed

If the help file (chm file) does not display the contents, you need to unblock it.
To fix this, simply right-click on the chm file in Windows File Explorer and select the 'Properties' menu item. Then, click the 'Unblock' button near the right bottom of the properties page. If you have trouble opening a help (chm) file on your computer,  see this image (Windows 10). Applies to all applications with help chm files (for example: WinTG, WM1, WM2, WM3, Redundancy,..)

How can I change the language interface in WM2 and WM3 applications?

You can change language interfaces in Control Panel before starting applications (Control Panel -->Regional and Language Options --> Regional Options).

Why WM2 and WM3 applications exist in two different versions? For example, if there are differences between v2.1 and v2.1.0.1 when it comes to WM2 application?

These are exactly the same applications running on different versions of Windows. There are two versions to allow users who have older versions of the Windows operating system that can continue to use this program.

How to start the NetTG application on my desktop computer?

NetTG is a web application that is primarily intended to work on windows web server. You must provide server host to NetTG works.

I downloaded NetTG application. Do I need to install any addition software on my desktop computer after that?

No. NetTG working on web server rather than on a desktop computer, and therefore does not make sense to install any additional software (such as Microsoft. NET Framework 4.5., ..) on my desktop computer.

Is rent (hosting) web server free?

In principle it is not, although there are also free of renting these servers. Of course, with the paid rental service server typically improves the service provided. Try your search terms on the web: "" + "host".